Monday, February 13, 2017

Bookworms go Online!

The library is the heart of a school. It’s the hub! It’s a place where creativity meets imagination and inspires young minds to explore and achieve. What a school thinks of education is reflected in how much it cares for its library.

Managing a library efficiently is as important as having a well-stocked one. It is a complex task that involves procurement, maintenance, placement, tagging, versioning of all media forms, keeping track of books issued and returned, calculation and collection of late fines, and so on. And the greatest help a librarian can have is a library management software.

Library management system has proved to be a boon for most consumers by reducing cost and complexity, while increasing performance and accountability. In fact, most labour and time intensive tasks can be automated, resulting in smooth working of the library while bringing transparency in its functioning.

An automated library management system helps provide error-free access to educational and recreational resources. It makes each and every book traceable by maintaining a record of all those who had issued the book. Students may also check the availability of a particular book online, and reserve it beforehand.

Some ERP software can be integrated with smart cards, which can display all corresponding details pertaining to the member when inserted in the card reader. With an integrated ISBN reader, all details pertaining to books can also be obtained by typing in the ISBN number.

With increasing use of technology in all dimensions, libraries too have changed the way they offer services. They can now be ready to face the rising expectations of today’s students by implementing and using the library management solutions that ERP service providers have to offer.

Digitize your Library Now!

  • Browse, identify and reserve books
  • Add/Edit/Delete books
  • Manage book issue, returns and renewals
  • Look up book status and due date
  • Tag books
  • Narrow down your search using available filters
  • Search for books using customized tags or ISBN numbers
  • Calculate and look up late fine
  • Track books and avoid mishandling by maintaining record of all members who issued the book

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