Thursday, August 17, 2017

Managing Activities through ERP

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are an integral part of any educational institute. Co-curricular activities can be defined as the activities that enhance and enrich the regular curriculum during the normal school hours. On the other hand, extra-curricular activities are the activities that take place beyond the normal school hours wherein the students are encouraged to participate voluntarily in activities like NCC, athletics, etc.

Such activities help in stimulating interest, nurturing talent, developing leadership skills and team spirit, encouraging creativity, and in broadening their experiences. Such activities also give students a chance to relax, refresh and mingle with others. In short, these activities prepare the students for their future.
Managing activities is usually a tedious task as various aspects have to be taken into consideration while organizing an activity, such as, assigning space for each activity, deciding upon suitable timings, keeping track of participants, providing ID cards to participants from outside the institution, collecting participation fees, issuing certificates, etc.

But now, activity management is easy, with the Activity Management feature of Jupsoft eConnect. Specially designed for managing activities of every scale, this application is user friendly and has all it takes to help you organize an activity.

The application helps in defining the activities to be conducted in an academic year and allocates a code for each activity. Each activity is then allocated a room or area where it is to be conducted along with the time, thus eliminating last minute rush and confusion. So, participants know when and where to report for the activity. A list of participants can be maintained along with performance details for added transparency in case of competitions. Winners of different rounds can also be tracked, thus generating a database of students with talent in specific areas. Such students may be further nurtured to make the school proud with accolades and awards.

Other valuable features include automated generation of ID cards for various activities/clubs and generation of certificates for participants 

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