Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Must-Have Features for a School ERP Solution

Schools always have the pressure of maximizing performance with the least resources available. Deploying an ERP solution is the best way to deal with multiple stakeholders and different functions that a school must undertake to function smoothly. But, ERP solutions should not be selected in haste. An ideal school ERP software should offer a comprehensive solution that not only accelerates the tasks, but also meets the needs of all stakeholders. Here are some of the must-have features of an ideal school ERP solution.

  • Content Security: In today’s competitive world, data security is of utmost importance. Regular back-ups, safety against unauthorized access and corruption, and redundancies should be taken into account while choosing an ERP software. It should be highly safe and secure for all kinds of data storage and transactions.
  • Ease of Use: Being user-friendly is the ultimate key to a good ERP software. All modules and interfaces should be so simple that the school need not spend much time in training its staff. Handy features like quick links, graphical organizers, etc. prove to be a differentiator.
  • Alerts and Notification: The facility to send regular or instant messages, notices, reminders, and circulars are essential for any school. Fee reminders, holiday notification, scheduled meetings, pending projects, absentee notification, etc. are of utmost importance and an ERP solution must be designed to handle these efficiently. For instant communication, SMS service should be installed.
  • Efficiency: The lesser time a teacher spends on various administration-related activities, the more involved he/she will be in teaching and inspiring the students. An ideal ERP should take care of attendance, reports, schedules, assigning homework, etc. so that a teacher has more time to prepare for class activities.
  • Communication Platform:  Effective communication is one of the core features of a good ERP solution. Detailed performance reports, feedbacks, online polls, direct messaging facility, etc. ensure that parents do not need to wait for a PTM to discuss or share their concerns. The solution should provide a platform for constructive inputs and discussions between parents and teachers. Information regarding various activities, events, or competitions can help parents to prepare their wards for the same. 
  • Access to Study Material: Students should be able to access study material, revision sheets, worksheets, etc. that have been used in the classroom, at home as well, for an enhanced learning experience. It will not only help students who are on leave, but would also help regular students to revise the concepts taught in class. Extra assignments and resources can help students to study further and brush up their knowledge on the topics. Teachers should also be able to inform students about a class’s scheduled course of study in advance by uploading a week’s or month’s planner. 

Finally, an ideal school management system should be designed for all types of users, irrespective of their computer proficiency level. So, let others’ experience and testimonials be your guide. Go for demos and trials. And… choose wisely!

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