Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Benefits of Transportation Management

The safe, efficient transportation of students to and from school is a challenge faced by most schools across the country. While there are a number of ways in which efficiency may be improved, the implementation and use of technology has proven to bring in significant and positive results.

For better security and safety, School ERP solution providers often include transportation management modules in their package. But, the full potential of the module is yet to be tapped by the majority of the users.

A good transportation management system can not only track and maintain transportation details, but can do a lot more. For instance, it can calculate transportation fees according to distance; provide real time data about vehicle and route; relay information about breakdowns and delays to guardians; provide information about change of staff like drivers, attendants and guards to stakeholders, etc. With the help of an advanced transportation management module one can:

·        Add, remove or manage bus routes
·        Manage costs
·        Track vehicles using GPS tracking system
·        Send instant notification to parents or guardians via SMS
·        Calculate fees based on distance or other criteria
·        Maintain route details and stop details
·        Enable parents or guardians to view scheduled routes and stops on an online map
·        Maintain detailed reports of drivers, attendants and bus guards
·        Manage and reduce grievances through online messaging facility

By using an integrated mobile application, the module can prove to be further beneficial for parents / guardians. Through real time tracking, parents can get an idea about the pick-up and dropping time of their wards at the scheduled stop, and save time by avoiding long waiting time at the stop. This will also save the children from the hassles of missing the bus.

So, get the most of your transportation module by asking your ERP solution providers, and get rolling!!!

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